PMI-VI Speaker Session 3

PMI-VI Speaker Session 3

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Carrie Elrick

Inspired to help businesses stop the madness of failed projects, Carrie Elrick founded Project Rescuers, a boutique project management consultancy that helps companies make every project a success.

With over 20 years experience working with clients in dozens of industries, Carrie comes to Project Rescuing with proven, hands on experience. She achieved her Master of Business Administration and her Master of Social Work from University of Victoria and Carleton University.

Her strength lies in understanding the nexus between human behaviour and business process. Carrie believes that projects go off the rails when there are problems with the organization’s culture, and misalignment between the business strategy and the methods used to complete tasks. Teams cannot operate to their full capability when the culture, strategy and methods are not aligned.

Please connect with Carrie to work with your organization to develop your organizational culture, align your business strategy and methods with your culture and get your projects on track using our unique 4-step process.


Getting and keeping projects on track is more important than ever right now.

The economic landscape continues to shift and managing resources of all kinds efficiently is critical. Project managers are perfectly situated to lead the way through this new normal. Project leadership requires both technical skills as well as people skills.

Project managers who are able to get projects back on track and prevent future derailments through the creation of strong business foundations and strong teams bring value to their organization.

The first step is a rapid assessment to get the cost and the quality aspects of the troubled project under control and then develop a remediation plan to get the project heading in the right direction. The second step focuses on preventing projects from going off the rails in the first place. Executives, owners and decision- makers must create a strong business foundation by developing the right culture, a business strategy and selecting the right methods to carry out the plan .

Team members must be equipped with the right communication and problem-solving skills so they can run the project effectively and efficiently within the business framework.

In this 45 min session attendees will:

+ Learn the indicators for a project going off the rails

+ Learn rapid assessment for developing a remediation plan

+ Key attributes of strong organizational culture

+ Understand the value of aligning strategy and methods

+ Three important communication skills: difficult conversations, leading with empathy and active listening.




This presentation will include an interaction with a second presenter at the end.


Markus Silfverberg

He is the Finnish Engineer man who can inspire nations and put his foot down for what matters, he is the man who every nation should have to advocate for creating the sustainable future we really need, he is the man who will leave you to think about building with blocks and will transport you to your childhood where everything was possible.

Markus Silfverberg is the father of three kids and he cares for the future of his kids and others, he is drawing his energy from his family to be a change maker. He has become an entrepreneur and investor, and specializes in start-ups and franchisee businesses. He has made an effort to NOT turn a blind eye to the social problems we face around the world and is now focused on affordable housing solutions, he is doing that by promoting a franchisee concept for emerging markets and crisis management to build with blocks. 

As an Engineer and as the founder of Block Solutions, he is focused on building human capacity so that they can achieve the best “they” can. Humans can achieve the best “they” can when they have a roof over their head, but also when that roof is not so costly, when that roof can be paid for without too much stress. 

Deya Profile

Deyanira Mendoza Dominguez

Deyanira was made in Mexico but she is purely Canadian. Deyanira Mendoza Dominguez is an experienced Professional Engineer, Certified Project Manager, and Woman of Action. Her motto is “making the impossible possible”. She is a non-boring Engineer and the first published Mexican woman to complete a continuous two-year return motorcycle journey through the Americas, doing research in 16 countries. She is motivated to support underprivileged girls and to be an equity advocate for women and immigrants, simply because 1) As a child she was underprivileged, 2) Although she is still underprivileged, she believes in sharing whatever privilege she has earned. She is a strong believer of leaving a place better than she found it and her passions are her 3Bs: Brian, Bike, and Business and “together” they put strong emphasis in living small and with less, alternative energies, and prioritizing physical and mental health. 

Deyanira has created Stumbler and Woman of Action to merge her passion for helping others and creating value through projects in Engineering and Project Management. She is one of 250 Canadians who have been selected to attend the 2020 Governor General’s Canadian Leadership Conference to contribute in developing “Leadership for the Future” of Canada.


Imagine a world where construction leads to gender equality. Imagine a world where overconsumption is an opportunity to be innovative and create a circular economy by eliminating waste. Just imagine what one can do if we go back to rescuing what it means to be a child without fears, an innovative and bright mind willing to play with “blocks” to build the future we really need: a resilient one!

Markus will inspire you to think outside the box and will provide you with knowledge about how to create prosperity in your area, how to create equality to boost the confidence and value within people, how to empower people with a business model that focuses on creating sustainable projects that align with the United Nations sustainability goals. 

This opportunity to interact with Markus can help you find your own way to help humans achieve the best they can when given an opportunity to participate in projects that allow for sustainable growth. 

Markus has an interest in sharing with the world the steps he is taking to lead with confidence in the current unknow times. He will be presenting with Deyanira Mendoza Dominguez, Woman of Action, and through her lenses, he will relate a way to connect Block Solutions’ concepts to immediate tangible outcomes.

Block Solutions is one of the finalists for the ISC3 Innovation Challenge in Sustainable Building and Living 2019/2020 and is continually looking for ways to make this concept a reality, a reality worth creating.


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