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Kristina Riis
Chief Operating Officer, Investor Leadership Network

Kristina Riis is a fractional Chief of Staff/Chief Operating Officer, Social Impact Crusader and Executive Coach. She has over 20 years of experience in the Investment Industry- with a focus on strategic planning, process engineering and project management. Before becoming a Chief of Staff she lead Project Delivery and the Agile Centre for Excellence at Ontario Teacher’s Pension. Her work in high-performance culture development blended with facilitated design-thinking, cognitive change management and agile methodology has helped leaders and their teams to work purposefully as they create new value and possibilities for their organizations. Known for being able to take any strategic idea and turn it into operational reality through a mix of careful design and planning. Kristina is also an expert in navigating the tricky human dynamics that get in the way of delivering results.


Ori Schibi
Senior Consultant – Agile, Change and PM, PM Konnectors

Ori Schibi, has over 25 years’ experience providing practical new ways of leading sustainable change through ambiguous conditions, managing projects and programs and helping organizations maximize the benefits from agile. As a visionary thought leader, Ori introduces practical ideas in areas related to project sponsorship, project management offices, connecting change initiatives to projects, and collaboration — within and across — projects. Ori has been engaged in ensuring that agile rollouts take place in the context of the organizational change they introduce — to ensure alignment and success.
Large to mid-sized organizations (including telecoms, financial services, pharmaceuticals, entertainment and aerospace) have benefited from Ori’s innovative approach to value creation, efficiencies, collaboration and focusing on customer satisfaction (including Disney, Marriott, Phillips, and Amex). Ori also has extensive international public service experience at multiple level (such as levels of government in Canada, the United States and UNHCR).
Ori is the author of four books. He has developed a line of dynamic and innovative workshops and programs and has led sessions, delivered keynotes and taught thousands of participants in multiple settings. He is known for his unique, dynamic and capturing style, and for his high impact, real life, easy to understand examples.

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