Got a Wicked Problem? DA Lab can help! 

PMI-VI is looking for a challenging "solution delivery" problem that your teams may be facing. 

The Goal? Your team's problem becomes a Case Study for a revolutionary approach - an interactive simulation series! 

The Solution Delivery Lab simulation series will begin hands-on, with:

  • Development of a Value Stream Map that involves your product,
  • DA micro-learning for team members, and
  • Identification of target process scenarios to be enacted in the simulation sessions
  • Coaching your team in the use of the PMI DA Browser, establishing your team's Way of Working (WoW)

Team members actively participate, simulating the development of your product. Your portfolio management / product management team(s) get to participate in the development of the Value Stream Mapping. 

PMI-VI Members: this a learning opportunity to observe the sessions and then join the team in session retrospectives!

imagebank3.jpgSend a summary of your challenging problem to today!


What is Disciplined Agile (DA)?

DA is a process-decision toolkit that provides straightforward and practical guidance to help individuals, teams and enterprises optimize their Way of Working (WoW) in a context-specific way! 

Key principles of DA include customer centricity, pragmatism, flexibility in methodology (supporting a range of agile and lean options), and the application of context-based practices that optimize flow across the entire enterprise. Applying the DA toolkit allows organizations to customize any method or framework—including traditional, Scrum, or SAFe—to drive outcomes that differentiate them from their competitors.

History of DA

The Disciplined Agile approach was co-created in 2012 by Scott Ambler and Mark Lines. Their goal was to offer a much-need, flexible approach to problem solving that recognizes that every organization is different, and that even within each organization there are different ways of working. The DA approach allows individuals, teams, and enterprises to tailor solutions to fit their needs, or WoW.

Since its inception, Lines and Ambler have published five books on DA, established the DA Consortium, and provided strategic consulting and training on the DA approach. Prior to its acquisition, DA had more than 12,000 practitioners in 30 countries have been trained in Disciplined Agile and over 50,000 Disciplined Agile books have been sold.

How DA Fits in with PMI

In August 2019, PMI announced the acquisition of DA. The combination of these two organizations offers a unique and unparalleled value proposition to stakeholders who are committed to improving their personal, team, and enterprise agility.

By leveraging Disciplined Agile:

  • PMI members gain access to strong, credible new capabilities and certifications that will differentiate them and open doors
  • Current agile practitioners can leverage a more mindful, tailored approach to agility, driven by an agile and lean mindset and enabled by processes that fit their context
  • Enterprises around the world can enjoy a more tailored approach to enterprise agility based on their specific needs and context
  • PMI and DA partners have access to an expanded set of product offerings for their stakeholders and customers
  • Both PMI and DA members receive access to both organizations’ frameworks and online content, as well as the richness that comes with a broad-based, diverse community

Mark and Scott continue to be key figures in the organization, adapting their focus on enhancing the DA content, and supporting and growing DA membership and partners.

Regardless of traditional or agile approaches, project or product, PMI now has guidance to help organizations and teams be more successful.

Want to get started with Disciplined Agile? Learn more here.


Want to learn more? 

Please feel free to email our PMI-VI Disciplined Agile Rep Blaine Bey at